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Dei Precision Gallery

Prouldy presenting some of our High Achievements!

SV OG Amberg Gailoh e V, Germany - Oct 3,2023
Junior Handling Competition - Veteran Class

1st Place - 5X VA Jax dei Precision & Junior Handler Luiz Bernloehr

SV BSZS - Nuernberg, Germany 2021
Zac dei Precision

Schweizer Hauptzuchtschau 2019
VA1 Jax dei Precision

(Grandson of VA X-Box dei Precision)
An amazing Resume for an amazing Dog.
Special THANK YOU to Lars & Christina!

SV BSZS - Nuernberg, Germany 2019
SG16 Zac dei Precision - JHKR
(Great grandson of X-Box)
We are very pleased to announce our Zac placing
SG16 in the JHKR in Nuernberg, Germany - 2019!
An outstanding achievement for our young Male!
THANK YOU, Lars & Christina !

SV BSZS - Nuernberg, Germany 2018
VA8 Jax dei Precision

SV BSZS - Austria 2018
VA1 Jax dei Precision

BSZS - Ulm, Germany 2017
VA8 Jax dei Precision

SV BSZS - Austria 2017
VA3 Jax dei Precision

Handlers Lars & Christina Bernloehr

Canadian Sieger Show 2017
VA1 Oargos dei Precision                               VA2 Ivey dei Precision
(Grandson of X-Box)                                                                (Daughter of X-Box)

We are proud to announce our Excellent Select placing for two of our dogs at the Canadian Sieger Show!!!
It is an amazing achievement to acquire ONE VA title, let alone TWO, in one show! THANK YOU to Scott Langley
and our Team,who helped to prepare our dogs for this SPECIAL event!

V17 - BSZS 2016 - GHKL - Males
V1 Jax dei Precision

Canadian Sieger Show 2016 JHKL Males
SG1 Oargos dei Precision

Zac dei Precision

Abby dei Precision

Our young Female with a bright Future!

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