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The (SV) T Ratings

If you are wondering why some of the previous years' top placing dogs can't be found in the current year's top placing, it MAY be because they have been placed in the "T" Category listing at the BOTTOM of their Class.......

How did they get there and what do the "T" ratings mean?

When the description for the Protection Work evaluation was changed from "Harte, Mut, und Kampftrieb" (Hardness, Courage, and Fighting Drive) to "Triebveranlagung, Selbstsicherheit, und Belastbarkeit" = TSB (innate drive, self-assurance, and the ability to withstand duress), the "T" ratings were also implemented.

As is well known, it takes MORE than beauty, outstanding movement, and a fine progeny class to get a dog into the top placings at the Siegerschau. There's also this LITTLE thing about CHARACTER AND TEMPERAMENT AND TRAINIBILITY...........So, while the Standmusterung (Standing physical conformation Exam) and gaiting in the show ring will clearly demonstrate a dog'sdegree of excellence in THOSE categories, the dog must then pass the TEMPERAMENT tests of sound character, obedience, drive, courage and the ability to withstand duress!

If, for one or more of several reasons, the dog fails to demonstrate the desired and correct temperament, NO MATTER HOW BEAUTIFUL, NO MATTER HOW FAMOUS, NO MATTER WHO OWNS IT, NO MATTER IT'S PRIOR RECORD, that dog is NOT going to be a top placer THAT DAY! It will be dropped to the end of it's group
(V, SG, G), assessed a "T" rating, and reported at the end of the class placings.

There are 3 possible assessments for TSB:
Ausgepraegt - pronounced
Vorhanden - sufficient
Nicht genuegend - insufficient.

Pronounced means the dog exhibited self-assurance, convincing, goal-driven gripping and holding,no negative reaction to stick hits, and close watchfulness in the guarding phase.

Sufficient means the dog exhibited limitations, for example, in self-assurance, in committing to the goal, in gripping and taking hits, as well as in the guarding phase.

Insufficient means the dog exhibited little or no self-assurance, strong limitation of ability to with stand duress/pressure, and disinterest in (or avoidance of) the Helper.

The "T" ratings are as below described:

T1,T2,T3,T4 - nach TSB ausgeschieden
T1,T2,T3,T4 - Cut (separated out) due to TSB failings

T1 - Laesst nicht ab, ohne Bewertung TSB
T1 - The dog does NOT RELEASE ON COMMAND, he is given NO rating for TSB. The dog did everything else right and 'Pronounced,' but refused to "out" on command. If a dog fails to "out," (release on command), he is demonstrating a failure of obedience.
T2 - TSB vorhanden T2 - TSB demonstrated sufficiently enough to still pass (sufficient)
T3 - TSB nicht genuegend T3 - TSB not demonstrated to be sufficient (was insufficient)
T4 - abgebrochen wegen mangelnder Fuehrigkeit T4 - not allowed to continue due to lack of obedience (no proper Heeling) or handler control.

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