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Our Breeding Goals

Dei Precision Shepherds is a top German Shepherd kennel in Canada. We believe that German Shepherds are the most versatile breed of dogs, a breed that provides companionship, offers protection, and is so intelligent that high-level training is easily mastered. As the top German Shepherd kennels in Ontario, CA we believe that our standards for breeding are essential for maintaining the superiority of our blood-lines. We offer puppies that are a result of carefully considered and researched bloodlines.

Each Dei Precision German Shepherd puppy is lovingly home/family raised and socialized for tremendous attitude, excellent temperament, super trainability and that special people pleasing personality. They also have large bone, incredible black and red color, delightful elegance of structure and beautiful breed type of a high quality German Shepherd. Most important they make wonderful family dogs.

We believe these components are essential for dogs, whether owned as family companions, or used in more complex training. Our dogs often used for military or police training, Search and Rescue, Guide dogs, or Therapy dogs, or devoted and affectionate family pets.

Dei Precision Shepherds make ideal companions. We are especially careful in regards to our dog's formation, our pups are healthy, ideal standards for this special breed. In fact, our dogs are bred with SV standards as one of the most important criteria. When you own a precision shepherd, you have one of the top blood-lines in Canada.

Dei Precision Shepherds adapt to their owner's lifestyle, enjoying adventure, sports and embracing training programs that allow them to further develop their skills, such as show or Schutzhund competitions. Our German Shepherd puppies come from established blood lines and are bred for their people pleasing personalities, and their ability to become a vital part of your home.

Come visit our German Shepherd kennels in Ontario CA. You'll be charmed by the beauty of our puppies, and enchanted with their temperament and intelligence. Precision Shepherds will quickly become the center of your home, a devoted family companion.

At Dei Precision German Shepherds, we have a commitment to breeding dogs of good health, temperament, and intelligence. In fact, our dogs are bred according to a strict standard, the German Shepherd SV standards. SV standards were developed by the German Canine Association, and the Club for German Shepherd Dogs (SV). The club established guidelines for good breeding over 100 years ago, standards we believe are essential to healthy and happy German Shepherd puppies.

While we believe that our responsibility as a German Shepherd breeder is to breed and train pups of superior quality, personality, strength, and intelligence using the SV standards, we take it even further. We maintain a DNA registration for our breeding lines and carefully track our dogs. When you buy our German Shepherd puppies, you can be confident that your dog will be a healthy, and happy addition to your family.

Dei Precision Shepherds, Milton, Ontario, Canada

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